Mike Levine's Discography
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1981 The Ross-Levine Band
"That Summer Something" - Headfirst
1981 The Ross-Levine Band
"Humidity" - Pops
1994 Raul DiBlasio
"Piano de Americas II" - Ariola International
1994 Billy Ross
"The Sound" - Concord Music Group
1996 Billy Ross
"Woody" - Contemporary
1996 Ed Calle
"Double Talk" - Sony International
1997 Raul DiBlasio
"Solo" - Sony International
1998 Raul DiBlasio
"Desde Mexico" - Sony International
1998 Wendy Pedersen
"Me + Three"
1999 Ed Calle
"Sunset Harbor"- Concord Jazz
2001 John Secada
"The Gift" - Sony
2002 Roberto Perera
"Sensual" - Heads Up
2003 Michael Bolton
"Vintage" - Passion Group
2003 Jaco Pastorius Big Band
"Word of Mouth Revisited" - Heads Up
2005 Paulette Dozier
"With You"
2006 Jaco Pastorius Big Band
"The Word Is Out" - Heads Up
2006 Les Demerle
"Cooking At The Corner I" - Origin
2007 Paulette Dozier
"Over And Over Again"
2007 Wendy Pedersen
"Under The Influence"
2007 Les DeMerle
"Cooking At The Corner II"- Origin
2011 Sylvia Bennett
2012 Paulette Dozier
"In Walked You"
2012 Joy Mover
"Joy Mover"
2013 Sylvia Bennett
"C'est Si Bon"
2014 Solis Bravo Band
"Your Not Alone"
2015 Karen Shane
"The Moon Is Blue"
2015 Ed Calle
2017 Solis Bravo Band
2017 Mike Levine
"Star Gazing"
1. Oh Yeah
  2. Star Gazing
3. Rio Funk
4. Twilight
  5. Road Song
6. Sundays Touch
  7. Willy's Gumbo
  8. Really Wish I Could Love You
  9. Getting To It
10. City Of Hope
  11. Jaco
  12. The Herb
  13. Soaring

"Mike honors his melodies, reshaping them, interpreting them but never letting them drift out of the mindset of the audiences liking. His latest creation, "Thinking Of You", features some of the more gifted Jazz players that make South Florida their home."

Stu Grant, South Florida Jazz Radio Personality

Miami, Florida
Call: 305-279-5058 / 305-793-3935
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