Mike Levine's Studio Equipment List
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Avalon 737 Sony DMXR-100
Custom Stereo API Clone Pre  
(3) Brent Averill API Modules with  RECORDER:
Avedis Transformer  
TL Audio Stereo Pre Otari 24
  Pro Tools
Neumann U87  
(2) Neumann U89 Mackie HR 824
(2) Neumann KM84  
(2) AKG 451  
(2) AKG460 The ability for 3 separate headphone mixes.
Several Shure 57’s Yamaha  C7 Piano. Various Hardware
Cad Equitek and Software  Synths.
Shure Beta 52  
Audix i5  
Tube-Tech LCA 2B  
Manley ELOP  
(2)API 560 Eq  

"THINKING OF YOU" is an amazing CD offering thirteen tracks ten of which are originals produced by composer, pianist and producer Mike Levine. "THINKING OF YOU" brings you the BEST in contemporary soft Jazz music.

Thinking of You Album THINKING OF YOU
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All music composed by Michael Levine ©copyright 2011 (BMI Portamento Music). All songs mixed by Cesar Sogbe except 6,7,9 which were mixed by Mike Levine@ Downtime Studios. All rights reserved.
Produced by: Mike Levine
Mastering Engineer: Mike Couzzi
Photography: Carmen Levine


listen 1. Gettin Ready
listen 2. Walking Tall
listen 3. It's Just Right
listen 4. Get Away
  5. You're The One
  6. Work Song
  7. Bewitched
  8. An Endless Afternoon
listen 9. Table Top
  10. After Dark
  11. Island Dream
  12. Sooner or Later
  13. Thinking of You

"I love this CD. It puts me in the mood for love. It's refreshing and gives a lot of atmosphere for a quiet afternoon at home as well as a romantic evening."

Mariana Martin (Miami)

Miami, Florida
Call: 305-279-5058 / 305-793-3935
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